The garden and the yard are the formative stages for our children’s creativity. Houses without these outdoor spaces are poorer for it and our lives are poorer for it. The modern tiny house block is contributing to the obesity epidemic, which is ravishing our next generation. Our kids need outdoor areas to run around in and play in. Having a garden and a backyard provides a special semi-private space for our children to develop games in. Their lives are richer for these experiences. Creativity for kids at home and at school began in these places.

Do You Remember Your Backyard Adventures?

Who can remember some of the things that they got up to in the backyard at home? I remember passionately kissing Diane Brown in the bushes in our garden and my mum finding us, whilst she was watering and turning the garden hose on me. I remember the dress up games of cowboys and Indians, superman adventures, and sleepwalking down to the scary bush by the Hill’s hoist in the black of night. The garden and backyard were my stages, my backlot sets for the movies I made inside my imagination, which, funnily enough, always starred me. Creativity for kids at home and at school is so important for the development of healthy individuals.

Early Creative Forays Can Lead to Exciting Vocations

Check this site out as an example of where these early creative forays can lead to. These cool people are bringing the wonders of technology to our kids at school to let them explore their imaginings in digital technicolour. Making movies can be educational and super creative too. We are living in a new world where boring old textbooks are no longer going to cut it. The garden and backyard at home leads to more adventures and development at school, which can end up delivering a career in show business for our kids. They can experience both ends of the camera and get involved in making movies from all angles.

The Space to Reach Out for the Stars

Creativity for kids at home and at school is vital for their ongoing development toward being healthy and well-adjusted adults in the 21C. Get your kids out of their bedrooms and into nature, especially during their early formative years. Let them explore the garden and have the space to reach out for the stars. Life is there to be lived and not to be constrained by limitations.