Human beings are meant to garden. We, all of us, are best served by clawing our fingers through rich, black soil. If you are not grounded in the pursuit of growing things, you may well flounder in time and fall by the way side. Technology and all its recent marvels may have you entranced at the moment, but the digital realm is no place for flesh and blood mammals. In time, your fascination with blinking little screens and brightly coloured pixels will let you down. I predict a huge surge in depression rates and suicides in the not too distant future and my finger will be pointing at the devices we constantly surround ourselves with. Gardening for health and happiness, will be a big part of the cure, just you wait and see.

The Positive Effects of Gardening

Healthcare professionals are, only now, realising the powerful positive effects of gardening upon the sick and mentally unwell among us. Dirt does not lie. Plants and flowers flourish when cared for properly. The honest hard work involved in turning the soil, planting, watering and weeding is good for the soul. All these thousands of ungrounded human beings living on top of each other in high density urban settings are compounding the problems on this planet. Their own health problems and the dreadful things we are doing to the environment.

Gardening Good on the Inside Too

Gardening is about growing good things like fruit, veggies and flowers. These things are good for us in so many ways. Gardening for health and happiness is linked to better outcomes for all of us. Healthy teeth through a good diet. Click here for more on this topic and how dentists are rectifying and straightening out things for their clients. It is easier to eat well if your oral set up is working well. The exercise involved in gardening improves appetites and digestion, which reduces things like irritable bowel syndrome and related conditions.

Go Dig in the Garden Now

Sitting in front of a computer screen all day is not good for your health. Human beings are not designed to interact exclusively with digital, non-organic, life forms or replicas of life forms. We are designed to garden and grow things. We are designed to dig and plant. We are designed to reap what we sow. Gardening for health and happiness is a no-brainer really. Forget about virtual gardens and all that sad Japanese crap. Get out and go dig in the garden, now.