It is a sad fact of life that we live in an age of disputed wealth distribution and, therefore, a dangerous time. The continuing inequality between the haves and the have nots is spurring certain groups and individuals to take matters into their own hands and breach the walls. Terrorism is about disenfranchisement and marginalisation, when you dig beneath the veneers of belief. Crimes are committed by those who want to have more on their plate. These issues are, now impacting upon all of us, wherever we live. House and garden: Your security at home has never been more under scrutiny.

Banks of Electronic Eyes Monitoring Your Home or Business

What can we do to make our homes and businesses safer from those who would breach our walls and properties? A popular security option in the 21C is the security camera or CCTV. Our cities are teeming with banks of electronic eyes to monitor public behaviour 24/7. These swivelling little digital cameras are available for those in the general public who wish to have eyes on their houses and buildings. Signage and cameras are the security PR offensive for our modern age. Hopefully, they act as a deterrent to nefarious agencies who may consider breaching our walls.

Security Options for Homes in Sydney

Peruse this site for more information about security options for houses and gardens in Sydney and its surrounds. A trusted locksmith and security company are pre-requisites in today’s urban environment. Big cities are full of have nots banging on the doors of the expensive houses and buildings of the haves. Young people are loudly questioning why houses and apartments in Sydney are so expensive. Negative gearing has pushed up prices for decades, with investors more concerned about making money than housing for the whole population of Sydney.

The Threat from Within

Our banks have been making lazy money out of mortgage lending for countless years. The whole idea of having a home to live in has been subsumed by the greed of many. You cannot live in a community and blindly ignore the plight of those around you. Eventually, they are going to bite you. House and garden: Your security at home is under constant threat from this imbalance of wealth. The threat from within our own community is only going to get louder and more apparent, if something is not done about it soon.