Ideally, the perfect Aussie home has a backyard, mum and dad with a few kids, and a dog or a cat to top things off. I suppose this archetypal image of the home is based on a rural homestead from our not too distant past. It was during a time when space was not at a premium, quite the reverse in fact, and those wide-open spaces existed under vast blue skies. Our gardens were where we farmed and grew food and raised livestock. It was a rose-coloured glasses view of an agrarian utopia, where ma and pa raised a family and brewed a fair few cups of tea. Today, real estate prices are steep to the point of Mt Everest and the family block has been squeezed to the size of a duplex with an eating disorder, but, pets, gardens and homes remain firmly on the aspirational shopping list of every Australian.

Aussies Like Having Pets

Some people say that Aussies like having pets because it makes them feel smart, but I reckon it is because they can trust them – unlike their politicians. Australians have been getting ripped off by those they look up to, since the first convict ship pulled up at Botany Bay. Rum, sodomy and the lash were distributed evenly among the denizens of downtown Sydney by the NSW Corps. Corruption flows through the veins of our civic leaders like the surf at Bondi. Pets, gardens and homes are the refuge for all those misanthropic Aussies, as they vote to keep the boat people off their shores.

We Don’t Eat Our Pets so Why Do We Torture Them in the Name of Science?

Animals have been getting the sharp end of the stick, ever since, we stood up on two legs, I think. Christianity was certain that animals didn’t have a soul, so it was okay to eat them and beat them, according to the weekly sermon in church. God had put these creatures on the Earth for our benefit. I wonder if animals have their own gods and what they have to say about us? Some human beings have decided that all that Bronze Age religious guff is misguided and are treating animals with far more compassion. Things like vivisection and animal testing, which are so prevalent in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are being challenged by consumers and activist groups. You can now purchase products which have not involved animal testing. There is great information available here about cruelty free beauty products available in Australia.