As a dedicated home cook, I enjoy nothing more than picking produce from my own garden to feature in the nightly meal. There is something innately wonderful about growing your own veggies and herbs to flavour your dishes with. A kitchen garden: A fresh idea to enliven the culinary aspirations of good cooks everywhere. We live in an age where our supermarkets are, usually, jammed full of every conceivable food stuff. However, the freshness of the fruit and vegetables can be questionable at times. Being able to sprinkle your own parsley, basil or coriander liberally through a dish that you have prepared is a godsend.

Veggie Patches at Home

It does not take a lot of effort to establish a veggie patch at home. You just need a bit of space, some good soil, seeds or seedlings, water and sunshine. I suggest that you start with a smallish plot before, perhaps extending your ambitions into smallhollder farming. I began with a bag of organic potting mix and some magic bean seeds bought from a stranger at the local inn (just kidding Jack). It being spring right now, it is the perfect time to plant your seed. Tomato plants, lettuce, silver beet, spinach and herbs are all quick growers, if you want some rapid returns on your investment.

Cooking Improves with Your Own Fresh Produce

Your cooking will reach a new level of gastronomic wizardry when you are able to add in your own freshly grown produce. Family and friends will laud your culinary abilities and praise you till the cows come home. When do those cows come home? Make sure that you have a kitchen worthy of your kitchen garden. A well-designed kitchen via renovation will put a smile on home cook’s face for sure. Check this site out for more information about well-priced kitchen makeovers.

Watching Something Grow is Good For You Too

You can establish kitchen gardens on balconies in pots. You can have a great herb and veggies patch whether you have a house or an apartment. Watching something grow in your garden whatever size it is, will give you a lift on the feeling side as well. There is something magical about growing stuff in nature’s earth. Health and wellbeing on the physical and mental levels will improve and flourish. You may thrive instead of just getting by. Giving your growing things a little TLC every day is like a meditation to be cherished. A Kitchen Garden: A fresh idea, for sure.