Many of us go out with friends and family to restaurants and eateries. It may be to celebrate a special occasion like anniversaries and birthdays or for something more prosaic. It is a strange fact that our expectations of a meal prepared professionally for dozens of paying customers is, usually, higher than a meal prepared by hosts we know at their own home. If you have ever worked inside a commercial kitchen, you will know how pressurised this situation can be during peak periods. To think that one small team of cooks and kitchen hands can prepare and serve literally hundreds of meals at a higher level than a dedicated home cook can successfully cater for a small group at their home is crazy. Entertaining in your garden, when you get it right, is simply the best way to celebrate the good life.

Why Dine Out in a Noisy Barn?

The ambience of a shared dining experience is as important as the quality and standard of the food served, in my opinion. Why many of us go out to these incredibly noisy mega restaurants and brasseries, where you struggle to have a conversation, strikes me as completely absurd. Perhaps, it is, because, sadly, too many folks these days have nothing much to say for themselves. I see too many people staring into the small screens of their phones, whilst out and about with dining companions, dare I presume to say, friends. Entertaining in your garden at home, for those who have the option, is decidedly the better way to do it, in my view.

Get a Fine Caterer In

If you doubt your culinary skills or just don’t want all that hard work, get a fine caterer in to take care of it all for you. Weddings are a great example of entertaining in your garden, when celebrated at home. Click here for more examples of wedding catering done brilliantly at home in Sydney. So many of our special occasions are about family and celebrating in your garden at home provides countless advantages. Guests feel more relaxed and the whole ambience is richer and fuller with shared love. Why we choose to put ourselves through the hassles of finding parking in busy city streets and having to be on our best behaviour in stuffy facilities, I will never know. Do it at home and get a caterer in. Entertain in your garden and they will bring all the hire stuff with them. Relax and enjoy yourself on the day!