In Australia, we enjoy a great outdoors climate for much of the year. Blue skies, warm days and balmy evenings in summer. Our homes are gradually evolving to being designed to complement our climate, rather than foolishly copy our northern hemisphere forefather’s homes. Our gardens are similarly reflecting the native environment, instead of being lumbered with unsuitable English lawns and foliage. It has only taken a couple of hundred years for us to adjust to our new homeland. Indigenous Australians have been here for more than forty thousand years after all, so it is understandable in some ways. The point I am coming to is that spending recreational time outdoors is part of being truly Australian. Great outdoors furniture in Sydney can make a home or business so much more enjoyable.

Finely Crafted Australian Made Timber Furniture

Sitting out on your verandah or patio on finely crafted Australian made timber furniture can really make your day. You might have a refreshing glass of something in hand, celebrating your downtime in the ironically named Lucky Country. Australia is predominantly not a land populated by deep thinkers. We are, in the most part, sensationalists, enjoying sensual and tactile gratifications where we can find them. Our pioneering ancestors were a tough but simple lot and more concerned with survival than sophistication. As a nation, we have been born out of a brutal meritocracy, interspersed with dollops of institutionalised corruption. Contemplation on the back porch, watching the hot sun go down, is best served ensconced in a comfortable outdoor chair.

Sipping Something Refreshing Whilst Watching the Sun Go Down

We don’t make many things in this country anymore. The 2016 Australian Census reported a 24% job loss in the sector in five years. Manufacturing is a word, most often, mumbled under the breath by unemployed and retrenched workers from a bygone era. There are a few local furniture makers still going, but not as many as there should be. Click here for inspirational ideas from one of the better fine furniture manufacturers still going strong. A family still need to sit at table to eat their meals on some occasions. A working man or woman still needs a desk to manage his or her affairs at home. Plus, great outdoor furniture in Sydney, can still bring a smile to the face of the would-be relaxer, as they imagine sipping something cold and refreshing, whilst watching the sun go down. Malcolm Fraser told us that “life wasn’t meant to be easy”, which is something to ponder from the patio chair on those perfect summer evenings.